Fall Events

We have hosted a few GREAT events this fall! Take a look!

Hub Collaborative| YPA Sept_Exclusive

Hub Collaborative| YPA Exclusive 2
We had a fun fiesta of a dip bar! Queso, creamy jalepeno, salsa, and more! YUM!

Hub Collaborative| YPA Exclusive 3

Hub Collaborative| YPA Exclusive 4
A little competitive pick up game of Pictionary never hurt anyone!

Hub Collaborative| YPA Exclusive 5

Each month BoomFit & College Station Cross Fit have a speaker share an encouraging message with the coaches. Brian Linder shared a powerful message with them about one’s thinking makes a huge impact on your living.

Hub Collaborative| BoomFit & College Station Cross Fit

We hosted a Lunch & Learn at The Hub, and one of our own members presented some quality coaching for the community. Jeff Raymond of Lead Team Build and a senior associate with GiANT Worldwide, presented The 5 Gears: Present and Productive, which is the premise of Jeremie Kubicek and Steve Cockram’s book that just released.

Hub Collaborative| Lunch & Learn: 5 Gears 1

Hub Collaborative| Fall Events: 5 Gears
Diagram explaining the 5 Gears

The Hub is a happening place this fall!


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