SpotLight: Kari Krueger

One of my favorite things about coworking is the diversity of people I have the pleasure of sharing space with each day. I have asked a most beloved member at The Hub to share a little more about herself, her business, and experience coworking with us.

Without further ado, the lovely Mrs. Kari Krueger of Legacy Mutual Mortgage!

KLKMP Blue Border

1. Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a Christian, Wife to Marc and Mommy to Ali (9) and Matt (6), Work for the #1 Loan Officer in San Antonio and Top 5 in the State of Texas, Aggie class of ‘93

2. Any random fact you could share with us?

Disney Parks Moms Panelist and a Den leader to the Tiger Cub Scouts – which is comical as I know nothing about camping or anything related to scouting

3. What do you like to do outside of working at The Hub?

Spend time with my kiddos and family, Watch kiddos in swimming, baseball, football, soccer, etc., Teach Sunday School to elementary kiddos, Enjoy a wonderful bible study with 5 amazing women every Monday

4. What is your favorite Mad Taco Food item?

On healthy days, Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette with Chicken added. On less than healthy days, chips and queso/chips and guac.

5. What brought you to Bryan/College Station? When?

1989 – to attend A&M, then returned in 1995 to stay

6. What company are you apart of? What is your role?

Marketing/Business Development for Legacy Mutual Mortgage

7. What is your favorite part about working from The Hub?

The PEOPLE (and the coffee machine rocks too).

8. What can others at The Hub ask you about?

Home Financing, Home Refinance, Sales Training, Team Building


Kari you are a delight and The Hub is more cheery and “Fantastic” with you!

xoxo, Andrea


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