Mastering Your Time

Mastering Your Time

Secrets to Make Most of Your Precious Time


Like they say, “Time is of the essence”. Often time proves to be a more valuable commodity than money. By wrangling your schedule you can quite literally be adding value and happiness to your life.

There is always time. If you find yourself saying “I ran out of time”, it’s because you didn’t consider it urgent or enjoyable enough to prioritize ahead of whatever else you were doing. Make the most of it. Here’s how:

1. Declutter — Declutter your desk, inbox, task list, etc. Or just start small and declutter a part of your workspace and defend it! Don’t let your guard down. Take a clean and tidy step each day.

2. Plan — Plan out your work day and stick to it (check off accomplished tasks as you go).

3. Prioritize — Rank your tasks in terms of priority and terms of your job demands and goals. No two tasks hold the same importance.

4. Be Effective — It is NOT a race. Don’t always try to do the most in the fastest time, do your best to be most effective. Also, working more hours doesn’t always equate to getting more accomplished.

5. Focus — Focus on the vital few most important tasks at hand rather than being overwhelmed by next months work objectives.

6. Finish the Job — Develop your “finishing instinct”- when you get to the end of a task, finish it no matter what. Don’t get side tracked!

7. Avoid Procrastination — Most people tend to tackle easy tasks first and push out difficult ones. Don’t fall into this trap. Start on the difficult jobs when you are freshest and have a clear mind, then move to less important ones when you are ready for a mind break.

8. Keep It Up — Now that you have a time management groove, stick with it. Make your hours count!


xoxo, ALH


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