Mastering Your Time

Mastering Your Time Secrets to Make Most of Your Precious Time Like they say, “Time is of the essence”. Often time proves to be a more valuable commodity than money. By wrangling your schedule you can quite literally be adding value and happiness to your life. There is always time. If you find yourself saying “I … More Mastering Your Time

Simplicity [Part 1]

It seems that during the holidays and the beginning of a new year, everyone takes time to be with the people they care about, and to rest. Yet near the end of January, life already seems like a whirlwind of busyness. Let’s do ourselves, our families, and anyone else we come in contact with a … More Simplicity [Part 1]

Fall Events

We have hosted a few GREAT events this fall! Take a look! Each month BoomFit & College Station Cross Fit have a speaker share an encouraging message with the coaches. Brian Linder shared a powerful message with them about one’s thinking makes a huge impact on your living. We hosted a Lunch & Learn at … More Fall Events